Wristband + 12 Capsules

Perfect if you want to give SunZee a try, get used to being protected under the sun.

The pack contains a SunZee wristband and 12 sunscreen capsules.

* The wristband is suitable for a wrist size of between 6"-7.6"


Replaceable Capsules Ease of use
Each capsule contains 2.7 ml of high quality facial sunscreen. Recharge your SunZee with a fresh sunscreen capsule and use it according to your lifestyle and outdoor activity. SunZee enables a simple, single hand extraction of sunscreen directly to your fingertips, so you can apply sunscreen on the go, without stopping your activity.
Indicated Dose Top quality sunscreen
SunZee's capsules provide feedback as you extract the sunscreen, so you have an indication of the amount left inside. SPF 40 mineral sunscreen, Broad-Spectrum UVA & UVB Protection, Free from Chemical UV filters, Organic ingredients, Paraben Free, Hypo allergenic, Water Resistant (80 minutes) & reef friendly, does not burn the eyes - made with athletes and kids in mind!
Always Fresh Recyclable
Unlike the sunscreen in the bottle you opened two months ago, the sunscreen in SunZee’s capsules is always fresh and is sealed until you’re ready to use it. SunZee cares about the environment. The capsules are made of the recyclable Polymer, Polypropylene, and are totally free of aluminum and other heavy metals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Neat product

Easy way to get my sunscreen while Kayaking


Excellent idea!! I bought it for my son, in the third grade, who was not willing to apply sunscreen. But this sunscreen is so cool! At first it was a bit hard for him to remove the cream until he found the right way. We love it!

Amazing product!! great as a gift for athletes

life saver

Excellent product, Great Service, Original Gift Idea

Used all the stock when Skiing, Now we are ready for the Summer.
Biking, Sailing and Surfing - Here we come!
Also gave a wristband as gifts to Friends who spend time outdoors. They love it!

Love the concept

such a great idea!! I love the wrist band, its very lightweight and cute, very handy and looks just like a watch. It's also a 'conversation maker' which I love...
I must say I don't like the sunscreen cream, its very heavy and makes the skin looks white for too long and then shine... both not my favorite (to say the least) I would much prefer a gel matt-finish sunscreen, or to have the option to choose my favorite sunscreen.
overall, I enjoy using it for my kids.

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