Will SunZee fit my wrist?

The SUNZEE Wristband is currently sold as one size fits all. Check the images below to see how SUNZEE fits people with different wrist size. If you buy SunZee and find that the wristband does not fit you, we promise to refund you for your purchase.

Recommended direction to wear SUNZEE?

We designed SUNZEE so people can wear it in any direction. We have noticed that most people find it most comfortable to wear SunZee with the cream exit hole facing outwards and use their thumb to squeeze out the cream, while collecting it with their index finger.

Do I need the secure clip?

SunZee comes with a secure clip that can be removed by the user. SunZee can be used with or without the secure clip. In most cases, the secure clip is not necessary. For extreme sport, we advise that you use the secure clip, so the wristband won’t accidentally fall.

Is SunZee waterproof?

Both the wristband and the capsules are waterproof. The capsule is sealed until you start using it. After the seal is broken, the pressure inside the liner that holds the cream inside the capsule won’t let water in.

How do I change capsules?

Easy, simply pull the empty capsule out and insert a fresh capsule in.

How to clean SUNZEE?

The SUNZEE wristband is made of silicone. To clean it, simply take the capsule out and wash the wristband.

What sunscreen is inside the capsules?

The sunscreen used in SUNZEE capsules is based on the sunscreen Safe Harbor Face & Neck 40 SPF. Check out their "IN THE NEWS" section for reviews. The sunscreen is specially formulated for outdoor activities: it offers Broad-Spectrum UVA & UVB Protection, High SPF, is Chemical Free, Paraben Free, Very Water Resistant (80 minutes), does not burn the eyes, and does not make the hands slippery. The sunscreen has received top ranking from EWG.

What are the sunscreen Active ingredients?

The sunscreen we selected for SUNZEE capsules is totally free from Chemicals UV filters. The active ingredients are:

Titanium Dioxide (7.1%)
Titanium Dioxide is a naturally occurring mineral that provides additional coverage to block UVA and UVB rays to further reduce UV damage to the skin.

Zinc Oxide (3.5%)
An inorganic compound that provides the full protection against UVA/UVB range. Our zinc oxide is naturally sourced mineral that forms a physical barrier on the skin that blocks and deflects the sun’s harmful UV rays away from the skin.

How often should I reapply sunscreen?

In general, sunscreens that claim to be “water-resistant” must state on the label whether they remain effective for 40 or 80 minutes. After that, your skin is vulnerable to harmful UV rays. So… Reapply, reapply, reapply. All sunscreens should be reapplied at least once every two hours, but reapply more frequently when swimming or sweating. When your water-resistant sunscreen reaches the end of its effectiveness, either 40 or 80 minutes, reapply. Add a fresh coat after every towel-dry.

How much sunscreen does each SUNZEE capsule hold?

Each capsule contains 3 ml of high quality sunscreen, which is enough for 2 reapplications of sunscreen to fully cover an adult's face (in fact, most people apply half the amount needed to actually get the sunscreen SPF that is written on the bottle. So if we weren't aiming to educate people to reapply correctly, we could have said that each capsule contains more than 2 doses of sunscreen).

Can I use SUNZEE to apply sunscreen to my body?

Of course you can. However, we at SUNZEE recommend that people wear a long sleeve shirt or a rashguard and a hat when they are active under the sun. That's what we do. SUNZEE has been developed as a solution for protecting the face from UV radiation while doing what you love.

If you have forgotten your long sleeve shirt, you can, for example, use the capsule to cover your face and your arms once.

Can I refill the capsule myself?

The capsules are not refillable. After examining many solutions we realized that refilling your own capsules will make for a very unsatisfying user experience:

  • You will have to wash the empty capsule to clean it from the remaining sunscreen and from some sand, dirt and salt.
  • Refilling the capsule with fresh sunscreen will most certainly become a messy experience.
  • The capsule itself will lose its reliability over time.

Also, The fact that the capsule is sealed ensures the quality and freshness of the sunscreen inside. Each time you pick up a SUNZEE capsule you know that the sunscreen inside is fresh, unlike the sunscreen in a bottle that was opened several months ago on a ski vacation. It is important for us to grant you with the best, most friendly experience, one that will require zero effort on your side. We have also chosen the best sunscreen that we could have found (after testing so many), and plan to offer in the near future capsules with different sunscreen lotions and maybe even other types of creams and cosmetic lotions.

If you have a sunscreen formula that you absolutely love, we’d love to hear about it. Share your thoughts with us here, so we can test it ourselves and maybe add it in the future as one of our capsule formulas of choice.

What are the capsules made of?

The capsules are made of Polypropylene shell, and inside it a liner containing the cream.

Can I apply sunscreen on wet skin?

It is important to reapply sunscreen on dry face to let it absorb the best. If you ski, snowboard, sail, SUP, hike, kayaking, hang at the beach, or at school, you can find times when face is dry to reapply.

Since we ourselves are surfers and could benefit from Sunzee while in the water, it was important for us to find a sunscreen that will be light enough to be easily squeezed out of the capsule, yet thick enough so it will not wash off easily when applied on semi-wet skin.

Our best practice: Most surfers catch between 10-15 waves in an hour of a good session, which means that they usually wait in the lineup for several minutes before catching the next wave.

When it is time to reapply sunscreen, don’t do it immediately when getting back to the lineup. Wait for several minutes and let your face dry a bit by the sun and the breeze. Then apply the sunscreen. In most cases it will take a few more minutes before you catch the next wave, which will allow the sunscreen to be absorbed by your skin.

We plan to offer in the future a variety of capsules with different sunscreens, so you can choose the one that best suits your activity and preferences.

How do I know when a capsule is empty?

The capsule was designed to keep the lever all the way down when it is empty. Simply pull the capsule out of the wristband and the lever will indicate if the capsule is new, half full, or empty.

Are the capsules recyclable?

Yes. The capsules are made of the recyclable Polymer, Polypropylene, and are totally free of aluminum and other heavy metals.

Is the sunscreen reef friendly?

The sunscreen that we've selected for our capsules is free from UV chemical filters and from parabens. Also, we designed the capsules so that the user will not have to tear it up or open a tab and be left with something in his hand to throw in the water.

And most important - We at SUNZEE urge people to wear a long sleeve shirt or a rashguard and a hat when they are active under the sun. That's what we do. SUNZEE has been developed as a solution for protecting the face from UV radiation while doing what you love. To protect the reef (and yourself) try wearing protective clothes and only use the small amount of sunscreen needed to protect your face.