30 Capsules Refill Pack

This pack containsֲ 30 replaceable capsules for your SUNZEE wristband. Recharge your SUNZEE with a fresh sunscreen capsule and use it according to your lifestyle and outdoor activity.

Replaceable Capsules Ease of use
Each capsule contains 2.7 ml of high quality facial sunscreen. Recharge your SunZee with a fresh sunscreen capsule and use it according to your lifestyle and outdoor activity. SunZee enables a simple, single hand extraction of sunscreen directly to your fingertips, so you can apply sunscreen on the go, without stopping your activity.
Indicated Dose Top quality sunscreen
SunZee's capsules provide feedback as you extract the sunscreen, so you have an indication of the amount left inside. SPF 50, Mineral, Broad-Spectrum UVA & UVB Protection, IR protection and Anti Aging factors, Chemical Free & Reef Safe, Paraben Free & Hypoallergenic, Water Resistant (80 minutes), does not burn the eyes, FDA approved, top EWG ranking.
Always Fresh Recyclable
Unlike the sunscreen in the bottle you opened two months ago, the sunscreen in SunZee’s capsules is always fresh and is sealed until you’re ready to use it. SunZee cares about the environment. The capsules are made of the recyclable Polymer, Polypropylene, and are totally free of aluminum and other heavy metals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
TCB like Elvis

They really came through for me and I am grateful. Love the product and everybody wants one!

sunzee watch

habe zwei gekauft ein für mich und ein für meinen Sohn,alle zwei sehr gute passform,perfekt für Sport,skifahren mountain bike usw.
eine Kapseln reich nicht für den ganzen Körper.
it is amazing,perfekt....

Neat idea

A very neat idea- i bought 2 for
My kids who went to summer camp. They often forget sunscreen so this keeps it with them at all times. My 11 year old daughter did say it’s hard to squeeze the sunscreen out sometimes but other than that, she thought it was cool.

Very handy. Small capacity.

Very handy. I go sailing with it and it's very good it's always available.
One magazine is good for a couple of hours. Even if I go out with a new magazine, I have to take with me another magazine to reload. Magazines are running used too fast. Annoying.

Great idea, but small adjustments would make it perfect

This great, but doesn’t work that well when surfing. A lot of the sunscreen washes out. It would be great if there was a plug to keep it in and if there was capsules that had just zinc (doesn’t wash off as quick).

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