Your Sun Buddy

Your Sun Buddy

SUNZEE is your must have companion when it comes to sun protection. The fashionable wristband allows you to re-charge fresh sunscreen capsules for any outdoor activity. SUNZEE is always within reach, so it's super easy to reapply and stay protected.

Stylish and Effective

Stylish and Effective

We created SUNZEE to be stylish, compact, and easy to use, something that will feel cool and sexy to wear during any outdoor activity. If you like to be active under the sun like us, you'll appreciate the presence of this sleek companion on your wrist.


  • Replaceable Capsules

    Each capsule contains 3 ml of high quality facial sunscreen. Recharge your SUNZEE with a fresh sunscreen capsule and use it according to your lifestyle and outdoor activity.

  • Ease of use

    SUNZEE enables a simple, single hand extraction of sunscreen directly to your fingertips, so you can apply sunscreen on the go, without stopping your activity.

  • Measured amount

    How much sunscreen is enough? SUNZEE's capsules provide feedback when you have extracted the amount recommended by the FDA for an average adult’s face.

  • Top quality sunscreen

    SPF 40, Broad-Spectrum UVA & UVB Protection, Chemical Free, Paraben Free, Water Resistant (80 minutes), does not burn the eyes, FDA approved, top EWG ranking.

  • Always Fresh

    Unlike the sunscreen in the bottle you opened two months ago, the sunscreen in SUNZEE’s capsules is always fresh and is sealed until you’re ready to use it.

  • Recyclable

    SUNZEE cares about the environment. The capsules are made of the recyclable Polymer, Polypropylene, and are totally free of aluminum and other heavy metals.


How often should I reapply sunscreen?

Sunscreens that claim to be “water-resistant” must state on the label whether they remain effective for 40 or 80 minutes. After that, your skin is vulnerable to harmful UV rays. So… Reapply, reapply, reapply. All sunscreens should be reapplied at least once every two hours, but reapply more frequently when swimming or sweating. When your water-resistant sunscreen reaches the end of its effectiveness, either 40 or 80 minutes, reapply. Add a fresh coat after every towel-dry.

What sunscreen is inside SunZee’s capsules?

After a year of testing we found the right sunscreen - Safe Harbor Face & Neck 40 SPF - which offers Broad-Spectrum UVA & UVB Protection, High SPF, is Chemical Free, Paraben Free, Very Water Resistant (80 minutes), does not burn the eyes, and does not make the hands slippery. The sunscreen has received top ranking from EWG.

How much sunscreen does a capsule hold?

Each SunZee capsule holds 3 ml of sunscreen. An average adult needs 1.5 ml of sunscreen to cover his face and truly get the SPF protection that a sunscreen provides. With SunZee capsule you get 2 doses of sunscreen for a 2.5 hours of sun protection for your face.

Can I refill the capsule myself?

The capsule is sealed to ensure the quality and freshness of the sunscreen inside. It is disposable and fully recyclable and cannot be refilled by the user.

How can I buy more capsules?

When SunZee’s crowdfunding campaign ends, you will be able to buy more capsules right here on this website.